About CompuGuide

CompuGuide is a full service IT consulting firm. Our goal is to optimize the use of technology for businesses and institutions. We focus on helping organizations expand and prosper by using their available technology smartly and effectively as well as suggesting other technology to help the company operate more effectively. Whether it’s solving software or hardware problems, building a database, or setting up a network to share files, printers and internet connection, CompuGuide can help you do it correctly, quickly and affordably.

Our Commitment to You:

  • Reliable and responsive support
  • Technology to meet your needs
  • User-friendly training
  • Full service IT resource
  • Full service IT resource

We are your guide to business tech­nology. Our mission is to help busi­nesses with their technology needs through a holistic approach of assess­ing their complete technology needs, then developing a plan to address the overall goals and objectives of the organization. CompuGuide is professional and personable. We are the human inter­face between you and technology. We provide cost effective solutions to help your organization become more productive while reducing the anxiety and expense often associated with technology.

As a support team, CompuGuide will:

  • Perform an assessment
  • Provide a solution and strategy
  • Specify equipment and software
  • Install, integrate and interface the system
  • Provide training and support
  • Monitor the system